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American PowerNet

American PowerNet is an independent power company not affiliated with any utility or marketer. For over 15 years, we have been helping clients cut power procurement costs through innovative wholesale and retail supply-side management services. American PowerNet assists large retail consumers "buy direct" in the wholesale market, cutting their power costs 5-15%.

Corporate Headquarters:
American PowerNet
45 Commerce Drive
Wyomissing, PA 19610 USA

Toll-Free: (877) 977-2636
Phone: (610) 372-8500
Fax: (610) 372-9100

Website -

American PowerNet is an independent power company dedicated to providing industry-leading energy management expertise to commercial, industrial, and governmental entities. We are not affiliated with any utility or marketer. Our services focus on retail and wholesale energy procurement and reverse auctions, giving our clients a full array of money-saving, supply-side energy procurement management services.

We began buying power for clients in 1997. Since then, we have facilitated power purchases for over 5,000 accounts across America, in nearly every deregulated market. We introduced the wholesale procurement model several years ago, and were subsequently hired by other Fortune 500 companies to implement this model. American PowerNet has received international achievement awards for implementing our wholesale electric procurement structure at two Fortune 500 companies.

American PowerNet is a leader in wholesale and retail electric procurement services. We pride ourselves in providing the expertise and tools you need to effectively access energy markets. With industry-leading innovation, American PowerNet has assisted numerous clients across the country implement the wholesale procurement initiatives that are right for them. We are uniquely qualified to help you analyze your electric procurement options and save the most money possible.

Our supply-side management services move dollars to your bottom line by helping you pay less for the power you use. Our demand-side management strategies help you curtail or shift energy use, reducing the amount of power you take from the grid and lowering your total energy bill. In this evolving, volatile energy environment, American PowerNet can help you “manage the energy evolution.



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